About Our Company

Our commitment to excellence and investment in ever changing technology has made us the supplier of choice with our global customers.


Aerospace Manufacturing Group, Inc. (“AMG”), established in 2008, is a holding company of precision manufacturers providing flight critical components. We are exclusively an aerospace and defense focused enterprise, committed to achieving success with our customers through customer service, quality products, aligned manufacturing, and sourcing strategies providing industry-leading capabilities.

Launched as “Project Silver Wings”, AMG’s acquisition strategy seeks to match highly specialized niche manufacturing and service companies to offer an integrated solution to the global aerospace and defense market.  Because AMG is a holding company with an “Operating Company mentality”, we understand how integral the existing management team and company’s culture are to its success.  If at all possible, we prefer not to change any of the ingredients which have created the successful enterprise that we seek to acquire.  Our post-closing style is best described as “hands off” and “minds on”.  The principals of our companies will find that we speak their language and understand intimately the mechanics of operating a successful manufacturing company.

In 2009 we completed our first acquisition by acquiring the operating assets of Metric Precision Machine and Engineering, Inc., a machine shop founded in March 1973 by Stephen Pusztai, Sr. and subsequently succeeded to Stephen Pusztai, Jr. and Randy & Amy (Pusztai) Stecyk.   In 2014 we moved the Company from Gardena to Torrance and renamed it to AMG Torrance.  AMG Torrance continues to build on the core competency of manufacturing small to medium size machined parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies with a unique combination of mills, lathes and grinding; in a variety of hard metals of complex design and tight tolerances on 3, 4 and 5- axis machines.  AMG Torrance continues to expand its expertise in helicopter components and assemblies; including drive train, landing gear, and structural components.

In 2012 we completed our second acquisition by acquiring the operating assets of Notthoff Engineering, L.A., Inc., a machine shop founded in 1941 by William Notthoff, Sr. to support the anticipated coming war effort.  Ownership was subsequently succeeded to William Notthoff, Jr. in 1956 and finally to Terry Kaller in 2002.  At the time of acquisition we renamed the company AMG Huntington Beach.  AMG Huntington Beach continues to build on the core competency of manufacturing large machined parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies with a unique combination of ultra-high-speed mills, high-speed mills and gantries producing large (up to 70 feet), complex 5-axis parts with tight tolerances.

Our Approach

AMG’s companies are focused on providing “World Class” service to our customers, suppliers and employees. In the competitive global aerospace industry to sustain an on-going goal of providing “World Class” service, we must be committed to investing in the latest technologies, investing in the education of our workforce, and working closely with customers to ensure we offer the absolute best solution with the highest level of quality attainable and at the most reasonable price available.

Our commitment to the Aerospace Industry is unparalleled!

You can see this commitment demonstrated by the investments we have made in ultra-high-speed machining technologies as well as the latest in cutting tool technologies for aluminum and hard metal machining.

A key element to Our Approach is the assignment of a program manager to each customer who becomes the customer advocate.  This structure offers customers a single point of contact and a dedicated resource.  Supporting the program manager are the typical functions within a manufacturing environment.


AMG is also dedicated to investing in their employees. As an example AMG offers Lean, Six Sigma, advanced ERP, team building and leadership training. AMG’s senior leadership is committed to the continuous application of lean principles and practices throughout their organization.

AMG is committed to Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing. We are transforming our business by re-designing our manufacturing and business processes to eliminate waste and improve efficiency. This commitment to excellence and continuous improvement allows us to provide quality products and superior value to our customers, as well as continued growth to our investors. It is a key component to our success in our core Aerospace and Defense markets.

Our leadership team has been instrumental in driving our Lean culture transformation and infusing an appetite for change in all functional operations. We are developing key metrics to help us to monitor the health of our business and manufacturing processes on a daily basis. These tools, as well as many others, are the first step in the development of a “visual factory” that allows managers, supervisors and employees to quickly see the status of our operations and to react to challenges immediately.

Notable achievements include a company-wide 5S effort that has resulted in an increase in cleanliness, organization and safety. We are designing electronic status boards for each production work cell that will allow us to visually monitor the status and productivity of each process throughout the manufacturing cycle.  The first of which is expected to be operational in August 2014. In addition, we have begun using Kanban inventory replenishment techniques to make sure that our highly skilled labor force has the material it needs at the right time.

At AMG our “Lean Journey” is under way.  In fact, we are already yielding positive returns. We are committed to process improvements that not only increase our productivity and efficiency but reduce cost to our customer. We strongly believe that our efforts will give us a competitive edge with our customers and will become the key to long term success for all of us.

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